Top 10 Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Features

Thought It might be nice as we approach the launch of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 on-Premise on the 28th February to put together what we think are the top 10 features of CRM 2011. It’s quite a difficult task as there are several areas that I feel are ‘stand out’ enhancements and new features, so the following is my list. I haven’t done it in any order it’s just my favourite 10.   


Dialogs are a new feature that goes hand-in-hand with Workflows. In essence, Dialogs are interactive forms which can be used to collect information, or perhaps script a process out.

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New Chorus IT CRM 4.0 Picture Application

Chorus IT are currently putting the finishing touches on an add-on for CRM 4.0 which will give you the ability to upload images and associate them with an entity.
This is a really useful addition to the CRM functionality. In the past other developers have added images to CRM entities by creating a folder to store the images, referencing the image from the entity, and displaying in an iframe. The downside of this is that often you are required to follow a strict naming convention. I’ve had personal experience where someone changes an image but forgets the naming convention, and all you get is a placeholder with a big red x in!!

The Chorus IT solution works completely differently, giving the user the familiar task of browsing and uploading the image. You can even change the name of it giving it something friendlier than 273487hfjdnfb.jpg!!

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So… since the release of CRM3… we and other members of the SBS community have indiciated to Microsoft that in order to effectively sale CRM to Small Business we need a link from CRM to Sage Line 50..

The reason behind this is simple… at some point most CRM deployments are going to want to link to a companies financial system… and in the UK Small Business financial software right now *IS* Sage Line 50…

Microsoft as they often do listened and decided to act… and in the UK they have helped to develop a link from CRM to Line 50… the link isnt available yet… it will be another couple of months I’m told… so what’s the purpose of my post? Well… I’ve heard on the grapevine that link will be one way only… (from Line 50 to CRM) and will only sync contacts and accounts as a one off type operation…

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