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There was a new version of the SDK released this week you can download it here – we are also moving towards a release of update rollup 2 for CRM 3.0 on the 15/03/2007 – no news as to what it actually contains yet.



Not much news on the CRM front –convergence really did not reveal a lot of information about the up and coming titan release. There is an interesting site for dynamics live that displays some screenshots showing off some process, collaboration and community features –it is not clear if these screenshots are representative of how titan will look or how this fits into the release later this year.

Some interesting links for you!

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There is very little CRM news from convergence yet but I hear tomorrow will be our day so eyes peeled! On a more useful note the CRM UK team blog has now got a RSS feed. If you sign up now you are in with the chance of winning an XBOX. I did notice (from the new feed) that there is a CRM road show in Reading next month hopefully I can attend.



Apparently the software designer engineers over in the MSCRM team enjoy eating their own dog food. As a developer I warm to the concept of Microsoft CRM being a development platform but I do worry that (in my opinion) this is the main selling point of the product. I hope that the next release of CRM will see some of the basic features covered that end users can benefit from without having to delve into the SDK.



A variation on a now popular piece of JavaScript:

You will want to create an iframe on the account page and name it “ContactFrame” (no quotes) set the URL to “about:blank” (no quotes) and tick ‘Pass record object-type code and unique identifier as parameters” also remove the tick from ‘restrict cross frame scripting’ then in the account OnLoad event use the following JavaScript:

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I answered an interesting question on the newsgroup today.

> I have the account form, with several new tabs, each with an iframe,

> pointing to different urls.


> When I load the form it immediately loads every url in all the iframes, even

> if thay are not yet displayed. In the very narrow band links that we have

> will take a lot of time to load the form.


> Is there any way to make the iFrame load only when the tab that contains it

> is effectively displayed?

You can establish that a tab has focus using the following JavaScript in the onload event of your form.

crmForm.all.tab0Tab.onclick = function() {

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