The new SDK for CRM 4.0 is now available to download here. I have always found the SDK to be incredibly informative, at Chorus I.T we regularly produce completely bespoke integrations using the SDK from the most simplistic client side code to the more complex bespoke applications. We have been utilising .NET 3.5 to produce some great examples of integration, in one case we have developed a completely bespoke training application that utilises SQL server merge replication to distribute and manage data with 30 disconnected client workstations and then server side we migrate the data (using the SDK) to Microsoft CRM where customer server representatives utilise the information for quality assurance and marketing. The possibilities really are endless, all you need is the SDK, some imagination and a CRM partner with a development team.



SQL Server 2008

March 19, 2008 | Leave a Comment

Microsoft CRM 4.0 is supported on SQL server 2008 you will need to read the following article before you upgrade as there are some known issues. Of course you can contact Chorus I.T for full details.



I have just stumbled across a very nice website that lists add-on products for the dynamic product ranges; obviously I was very interested to see the CRM section as there were some products I have not actually seen. Click here to take a look.