I’m currently spending a little time testing out EBAX from Prosoft Systems.

So far this app seems really quite useful. I had a request recently from a client to easily upload and update products to CRM. EBAX seems to cope very well with this.

The pricing seems quite reasonable, and you can download a trial from their site. It’s definitely worth a look.



Microsoft have just released Update Rollup 3 for CRM 4.0

You can download it here

I’m really hoping it’s going solve some redeployment issues we have been having while moving to EBS and SQL 2008.

We’ll see!




March 12, 2009 | Leave a Comment

Just thought I would introduce myself. My name is Robert Peledie, and I am a CRM consultant at Chorus IT working on CRM 4.0 projects. I’m looking forward to blogging on the crmrocks site and hopefully will pass on any tips, tricks and news.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them.




I had occasion to test out some solutions for SMS from Dynamics CRM. I was eventually lead to (In fact it was a potential client who found the site and asked me to check out the solution) who have an SMS/CRM application.   

You are able to download he application for free, and once you sign up for an account, you get 5 free SMS credits (The pricing seems really reasonable starting at £7.50 for 100 SMS messages). The installation is a Little more than point and click, with dll’s needing to be copied and Workflows set-up, however the PDF that comes in the ZIP file was absolutely spot-on and walks anyone with a reasonable understanding of CRM and the technology surrounding it, through the whole process. 

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