So finally we have a new arrival in the shape of Internet Explorer 8. According to Microsoft,  IE8 has a number of new features and enhancements including:

Accelerators which let you map directions, translate words, email your friends in just a few mouse clicks.

IE8 Accelerator

In Private Browsing allows you to browse the web without saving your history.

IE8 In Private Browsing

Suggested Sites allows you to see which sites you have visited and suggest other sites you may be interested in, all shown as you type the address.

IE8 Search Suggestions

Now the question is, how does this fit with Dynamics CRM 4.0 usage?

Well according to the Dynamics CRM team Blog IE8 has been fully tested, and CRM was one of the key test products.

We’re using it here at Chorus IT and so far so good, so why not take the plunge!


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