New Chorus IT CRM 4.0 Picture Application

Chorus IT are currently putting the finishing touches on an add-on for CRM 4.0 which will give you the ability to upload images and associate them with an entity.
This is a really useful addition to the CRM functionality. In the past other developers have added images to CRM entities by creating a folder to store the images, referencing the image from the entity, and displaying in an iframe. The downside of this is that often you are required to follow a strict naming convention. I’ve had personal experience where someone changes an image but forgets the naming convention, and all you get is a placeholder with a big red x in!!

The Chorus IT solution works completely differently, giving the user the familiar task of browsing and uploading the image. You can even change the name of it giving it something friendlier than 273487hfjdnfb.jpg!!


If you are interested in being updated when the product is released, then please email me directly -


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